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What Are Some Safety and Prevention Tips for Drunk Driving

Safety and Prevention Tips for Drunk Driving  

Drunk driving accident deaths happen every day, every hour, as per the world report. While we cannot stop people from driving and drinking, we can follow specific safety measures to avoid tragic consequences. Continue reading to learn what are some safety and prevention tips for drunk driving shared by Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX. 

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Friend to Drive Home 

It’s always a wise idea to have a sober friend as a backup to drive you back home after drinking from a party. Ask a designated driver to safely drop you back home, even if you think you can handle the situation by yourself. Consumption does affect your brain’s psychomotor skills and entire body. If a friend is not available, depend on cab service. 

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Book a Cab or Uber 

When a friend is not available to drive you back home, the best you can do is to book a cab or Uber. Give a straight-line walking test or deliver a speech to determine how badly intoxicated you are. In general, if your alcohol amount test crosses .08 BAC, you are highly intoxicated. You can also book a cab for a drunk friend by gifting a cab ride option offered in Uber and Lyft services.  

Wait or Stop 

Hold on for two to three hours before leaving the party if you have three standard drinks. After you stop drinking, the alcohol levels in your system can continue to rise to three hours. And, to bust the myth, nothing can speed up the absorption of alcohol present in your system. Hence, the best shot is to take one or three standard drinks and wait for three hours minimum to get processed. Or you could also not drink 90 before your designated leaving time.  

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