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We purchased a car for our son who is in college. We were shown the CarFax on a cell phone.. After our purchase we took the Mazda to a Mazda dealership to have it checked over and serviced. The mechanic said that the car was in GREAT shape.. and was a very good deal. The other thing we liked was that the cars were priced as advertised. Small dealer fee of around $200 ... which they told us up-front. Other dealers we went to that were "branded" dealers...like Nissan and Honda dealers, were advertising one price and even showing the price on the window of the car... then when we said we wanted to buy the car... Suddenly with fees and all, the price went up by $2,000. We were only looking to spend $6,000 to $10,000... We were very pleased with this dealer.
Carizma was so helpful in assisting me and finding the exact car I wanted! I will definitely be back!
I was able to bring in my W2 and drive off with a new car! the process was SUPER easy and the guys made it fun!!
Great place to go. They are willing to help anyone! Love my car and their service was great.
As if tax time couldn't get any better, I was able to get an awesome affordable car through Carizma! I'm so happy with my purchase and will be back!!!