Financing a pre-owned vehicle in Lubbock TX

At Carizma Motors, we cater to a few primary needs of customers. Of course, as our name suggests, we offer a wide selection of used vehicles that range in style, brand, and model year. If you are on the lookout for a new-to-you-ride, you will have plenty of automobiles to select from when you stop in at one of our two locations in Lubbock. Our other focuses remain on you and your credit. Do you have no credit? You can get auto loans through us even if you have no credit. What about if your credit has taken a nosedive? We can work with you in that case as well. How do we make this possible? Financing a pre-owned vehicle in Lubbock TX is easy when you do it through us.

We fully understand that your situation may not always be ideal. Hey, life happens. So, to help get you back on your feet with a good credit score, or to start you off in a good spot if you have no credit to your name at the moment, we offer auto loans with fair interest rates that you can afford. We want you to be able to succeed in paying off the vehicle you have chosen from us, and we want you to see a bright future ahead of you. We will work directly with you to find a payment plan that works within your budget.

When you come to Carizma Motors, either on the W. 19th Street location or the Frankford Avenue location, you will be greeted by friendly staff members who want to help get you into a car you want while also getting your credit score to an acceptable level. Getting approved and financing the purchase of your new set of wheels doesn't have to be a major hassle, and we will help make it as easy and fair as possible. We finance your future, not your past. If you are looking to get back on your feet while enjoying a new-to-you ride, contact us today and let's get the ball rolling.