Used SUVs in Lubbock, TX

An important part of any car is what is it going to be used for. Each car type has its pros and cons, sedans are affordable and practical while vans are spacious and family-friendly. Maybe you need some serious towing power and go for a truck, whatever your reasons are you pick a car for a specific reason.  If you have an active or fluid lifestyle though nothing beats the sheer versatility of having an SUV in your driveway. They are an adaptable and sporty car that works with any type of lifestyle. Are you the type that goes hiking and mountain biking regularly or maybe you just need something that can get the kids to and from school, whatever it is there’s an SUV out there for you.

Pre-Owned SUVs in Lubbock, TX

Carizma Motors has a long list of available SUVs in our inventory, it’s all about coming in to find out which one fits you better. With several different engine options and transmissions, you’ll have some choices to make when it comes to the capabilities in your SUV. Do you want more off-road capability or is that something you’re not worried about? You’ll also have some wide range of possibilities when you’re looking at cargo space. Obviously, it will be different from SUV to SUV, but the flexibility of the SUV is on full display when looking at the cargo options.

Financing an SUV at Carizma Motors

If you’re in the market for a new-to-you car then stop by our dealership in Lubbock, TX and walk through our inventory. You can talk with our knowledgeable sales staff and get set up with a car and loan that fits you and your lifestyle. If you have any other questions you can call ahead and we’d be more than happy to help you however we can.