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2022 Ford F-150 in red and black

Where Can I Purchase a Used Ford F-150 Pickup Truck near Lubbock, TX?

Advantages of Purchasing a Pre-Owned Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Get all your industrial and domestic hauling tasks easily when you have the Ford F-150 pickup truck. Thanks to its impressive capability features and impressive technological amenities, the Ford F-150 is one of the top-most-selling vehicles in the US market. Check out the advantages of purchasing a used Ford F-150 pickup truck at Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX.

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Front three-quarter view of the 2009 Dodge Ram driving

Is it advisable to purchase a used Dodge Ram 1500 truck for towing activities?

Where Can I Purchase a Used Dodge Ram 1500 near Lubbock, TX?

If you’re on the lookout for a rugged and reliable hauler, then we have exciting news for you. Head over to Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX, to own a used Dodge Ram truck to get all your heavy-duty tasks done at a fair price! Read this blog to learn more about the key features of the used Dodge Ram truck.

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Front-quarter view of the Used Ram 2500

Should You Buy a Used Ram 2500?

3 Reasons to Purchase a Used Ram 2500 You Should Know

The Ram 2500 strikes a balance between power and size that few trucks can match. The Ram 2500 is a dream vehicle for many drivers across the country. It is easier to maneuver than hulking commercial models while displaying immense strength to complete some of the most challenging tasks. Shopping from our used inventory is one of the best ways to find the truck that perfectly complements your lifestyle because many more options and features are available to appeal to your specific needs.

Furthermore, you can benefit from lower prices, making it simple to find precisely what you are looking for in the used lineup. The Ram 2500 is one of the best trucks for adding capabilities, integrity, and grit to your travels. At Carizma Motors dealership in Lubbock, TX, you will get a used Ram 2500 and a vast variety of used vehicles. Keep reading this blog by the Carizma Motors dealership in Lubbock, TX.

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Used Ford F-150 Gray towing a trailer

Find Pre-Owned Trucks for Sale Near Lubbock, TX

Where Can I Buy a Used Truck in Lubbock, TX? 

Over the past decade, trucks have gained so much popularity that they’ve become one of the mainstream vehicles owned by drivers. Not only can you use a truck for your work, but you can also use it for daily commuting. Nowadays, trucks are equally advanced and capable as any other automobile. If you’re searching for a rugged truck, you may be looking at all the new models.

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All things you need to know before going off-road in Lubbock, TX.

If you have a modified truck or SUV in your garage, you are probably looking for quality trails to unleash the full potential of your machine. However, if you are new to off-roading or have had a history of catastrophes, you may be wondering how to do it right. Off-roading is fun, but you need proper guidance if you are a beginner. The experts from Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX bring in some essential tips for you to make the best out of your off-roading experience.

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A stock photo of some people completing a deal.

Carizma Motors offers bad credit financing options

Bad Credit Car Buying Options in Lubbock, TX 

It is very difficult to live your life without a reliable automobile. Carizma Motors specializes in helping good people in tough financial situations find a vehicle that is safe and affordable. If you are considering bad credit car buying options in Lubbock, TX, Carizma Motors is here to help. We use what is called a ‘buy here, pay here’ financing model. This provides us with more flexibility to help people get the financing they need, even though they may have been denied by another financial institution. Our team wants to walk you through the basics of how the buy here, pay here model works as well as some of the broad vehicle categories you can consider. Let’s take a look at what our team put together.  Read the rest of this entry >>

F-150 payload

Learn more about payload capacity and why you should stay under the weight limit!

What happens if you exceed payload capacity?

If you work in the trades or need a bigger vehicle for work, your best option will always be a truck. It has the ability to carry a lot of weight in the bed as well as tow more weight behind it. But, what happens if you exceed payload capacity on accident? You have come to the right place to find out!

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Ram 1500 pulling a trailer

The difference between carrying and pulling

What is the difference between payload and towing capacity?

Having a pickup truck is quite nice. If you need to transport items that do not fit in a car or SUV, there is always room in the bed of a pickup truck. If you need to get some mulch for that Saturday afternoon project, you will have no problem picking it up and hauling it back home. There are two terms to describe the two weights above. They are payload and towing capacity. What is the difference between payload and towing capacity? In short, the payload has to do with how much is in your truck, and towing capacity has to do with how much your truck can tow. Keep reading below to learn more. Read the rest of this entry >>

used ram trucks

Get behind the wheel of a used pickup today in Lubbock!

Used Trucks at Carizma Motors in Lubbock TX

Our area of Texas is one of the hardest working in the state; whether you’re a student at Texas Tech or a blue-collar worker in the city, you need a truck that’s able to put in the dirty work without so much as a hiccup. That’s exactly what we can offer – we’re proud to offer a wide selection of used pickup trucks here in Lubbock TX, and you’re welcome to check out what we’ve got below!

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