The braking system of a car is shown.

How to Maintain the Braking System of Your Car

Tips to Maintain Your Car’s Brakes

Every car owner should ensure that their car brakes are well-maintained. A sound braking system provides unmatched safety on the road. Just like every critical car component, brakes need constant care and attention. It keeps them in top condition all through the year. Here, in this blog by the Carizma Motors dealership in Lubbock, TX, we explore tips to maintain your car’s braking system.

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Front-ends of used vehicles

What Causes Your Vehicle to Pull Towards One Side While Driving?

Troubleshooting Vehicle Pulling: Is Your Ride Off-Center?

Do you ever feel like your car has a mind of its own, veering off to one side of the road even when you are trying to steer straight? If you have experienced this unnerving phenomenon, you are not alone. Vehicle pulling is a common issue that can stem from various underlying problems. Let’s take a closer look at what might be wrong with your vehicle if it’s pulling towards one side in this blog post by our team at Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX.

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2022 Cadillac XT6 parked in front a house

Where can I shop for top-quality used Cadillac Vehicles in Lubbock, TX?

Purchase Pre-Owned Cadillac Vehicles at Carizma Motors

Cadillac vehicles are known for their sheer luxurious interior comfort and their muscular engine specs. Also, thanks to their stunning exterior body design features, this American luxury car is bound to leave an impression wherever it’s driven to. Check out this blog to learn the advantages of purchasing a used Cadillac at affordable prices at Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX.

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2023 Volkswagen Atlas on the road

Watch Video: The Volkswagen Atlas | Carpool Chaos 

The 2023 Volkswagen Atlas is Here! 

Say goodbye to the past and embrace the future with the all-new, high-powered Volkswagen Atlas. This turbocharged marvel redefines everyday living. With its captivating design and remarkable performance, the Volkswagen Atlas adds a touch of elegance to your journey.  

Experience life’s moments in stunning clarity as you cruise in style. The turbocharged Volkswagen Atlas harmonizes functionality and beauty, elevating your driving experience. Say yes to a life of elegance – get behind the wheel of the new Volkswagen Atlas today! 

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a car riding away

Driving Habits to Extend Engine Life 

How to Prolong Engine Life? 

As a car owner, you want your vehicle to run efficiently and last for years. Your car’s engine, being the heart of the vehicle, requires special care to prolong its life and maintain peak performance. As an automotive enthusiast or someone seeking to maximize their investment, understanding the essential steps to extend engine life is invaluable.  

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