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2022 Nissan Versa Red parked on the side of the road

Where can I find pre-owned sedans near Lubbock, TX?

Carizma Motors Houses Top-Quality Used Sedans in Its Inventory 

Sedans have become the best-selling car type owing to their affordability and higher fuel efficiency. If you are in search of a trustworthy and credible used vehicle dealership to purchase a top-quality pre-owned sedan in Lubbock, Texas, look no further than Carizma Motors in the locality. We have an extensive collection of used vehicles in our inventory. Keep scrolling down to learn more about the used sedans available in our inventory and why our dealership would be an ideal destination for your next vehicle purchase.  

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Carizma Motors offers bad credit financing options

Bad Credit Car Buying Options in Lubbock, TX 

It is very difficult to live your life without a reliable automobile. Carizma Motors specializes in helping good people in tough financial situations find a vehicle that is safe and affordable. If you are considering bad credit car buying options in Lubbock, TX, Carizma Motors is here to help. We use what is called a ‘buy here, pay here’ financing model. This provides us with more flexibility to help people get the financing they need, even though they may have been denied by another financial institution. Our team wants to walk you through the basics of how the buy here, pay here model works as well as some of the broad vehicle categories you can consider. Let’s take a look at what our team put together.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Everyone needs a little help making a decision sometimes

How do I pick out an SUV? 

Crossover SUVs have become the dominant vehicle platform in the United States over the last 15 to 20 years. Just about every automaker offers a few models – and all of them are very evenly matched in terms of performance features. So, if you’re wondering, ‘How do I pick out an SUV,’ you may be in for quite a journey. For most people, the most important feature a crossover SUV can offer is passenger seating. Obviously, that makes the first decision a person needs to make is whether to choose a two- or a three-row model. Our team of Carizma Motors product experts help people through this process every day. If you’re looking to get a leg-up on your next purchase, take a look at these videos. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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What are my payment options for a used vehicle at Carizma Motors?

Is it a bad idea to finance a car through a dealership?

When it is time to purchase a new or used vehicle you have many options when it comes to payment. You can pay cash if you have enough, or you can get a loan. The loan option is available through the bank or through the dealership. Is it a bad idea to finance a car through a dealership? There are actually quite a few benefits of financing a vehicle through a dealership. We will explore some of them below.

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Two 2020 Toyota RAV4 crossovers going down the road

Carizma Motors has a great selection of crossovers!

What is the best crossover for summer 2020?

Crossovers are a great option for individuals who are looking for a vehicle that has more space to offer than a sedan. Even though crossovers are larger, they often still perform well when it comes to the estimated fuel economy. Since you are thinking about towing a new camper or boat this summer, you are looking for an answer as to what is the best crossover for summer 2020? We put together a brief list below. Check it out!

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Back ends of vehicles

Carizma Motors has a great selection of used vehicles!

Where can I find a quality used vehicle in Lubbock, Texas?

Is it time for you to look for a new vehicle? You have decided that you do not want to purchase a new vehicle since it depreciates so fast. This leaves you questioning, “Where can I find a quality used vehicle in Lubbock, Texas?” At Carizma Motors, we have a fantastic selection for you to choose from. Learn more below!

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Time for a new vehicle! Would it be better to lease or buy it?

Should I buy or lease my next vehicle?

It is time for a new vehicle. One idea that you have been toying with is leasing a vehicle. But this has led to the question of, “Should I buy or lease my next vehicle?” While we certainly cannot tell you what to do because this is a very personal decision, we certainly can explore both options a bit more. Below, you will find more information about both leasing a vehicle and purchasing a vehicle.

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Carizma Motors Provides a 100% Online Car-Buying Experience

How to Buy a Car Online During the COVID-19 Quarantine in Lubbock TX

For those in and around Lubbock, TX looking to purchase a new vehicle without having to leave the comfort of their home, Carizma Motors makes it easy. Our dealership has turned to online tools to serve the automotive needs of our community while maintaining social distancing efforts. Thanks to our 100% online car-buying experience, you can complete the purchase process without stepping foot in the dealership. Keep reading to learn how to buy a car online during the COVID-19 quarantine with us.

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Bad credit or no credit and in need of a new vehicle?

What are the benefits of a buy here pay here dealership?

You are in the market for a used vehicle. However, you have unfortunately had a set of tough circumstances come your way and you have less than perfect credit. You are not able to purchase a used vehicle with the help or a lending institution, so what can you do? Have you considered visiting a buy here pay here dealership? Wondering what are the benefits of a buy here pay here dealership? Keep reading to learn more about working with a buy here pay here dealership such as Carizma Motors! Read the rest of this entry >>