Closeup of person changing a vehicle tire

Learn How to Change a Flat Tire with These Easy Steps

How to Change a Flat Tire 

Running into a flat tire, whether while driving or when getting ready to get out on the road, can put a major damper on your day. What can make this situation even worse is if you don’t know how to change a tire by yourself. This quick guide from Carizma Motors is here to help you learn how to change a flat tire with just a few easy steps. So, buckle in and get ready to find out how to change a flat tire so the next time you’re caught with a flat you don’t need to search around for a phone to call for help.  

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Coffee word made of roasted coffee beans and spilled espresso from cup on wooden table

How Do I Clean Spilled Coffee in My Car?

How to Remove Coffee Stains From Your Car

Have you ever spilled a cup of coffee all over your car’s seat while running late to work? If so, then you already know how frustrating that can be. In those cases, acting fast is fundamental to avoid the coffee drying on the surface and leaving a persistent stain. But which is the best way to do it? Check out the following video by Autoblog and find out how to remove coffee stains from your car in no time.

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AWD vs 4WD text with 2020 Jeep Renegade driving through stream

Compare All-Wheel Drive vs Four-Wheel Drive

What are the Differences Between AWD and 4WD?

If you have been in the market for a used automobile, especially a truck or an SUV, you have likely seen the terms all-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) thrown around. These days, you will even see these terms for more cars than you might have seen in years past. It is easy to think that they are interchangeable terms, but they are actually a bit different from each other. What are the differences between AWD and 4WD? We break it down below. 

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Businessman pushing a car on the countryside

Five Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

Common Car Noises and What They Mean

Every time you hear an unfamiliar sound coming from your vehicle, you should pay close attention and try to find out where it comes from, as ignoring it could lead to major trouble. Learning more about some of the most common car noises and what they mean can help you identify future problems and take action before they turn into costly repair bills. Below is a quick rundown of the most common car sounds and helpful tips on what to do about them.

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