2022 Ford F-150 in Atlas Blue

Watch the How-to Video of 2022 Ford F-150 4×4 and Drive Modes

2022 Ford F-150 4×4 and Drive Modes Video Tutorial 

This how-to video tutorial about the four-wheel-drive system and drive modes in the 2022 Ford F-150 is a must-watch. It helps you figure out how and when to use your FWD system, drive mode, and shift between drive modes, and it also explains the electronic-locking differential. It is advisable to consult the Owner’s Manual before off-roading to understand the terrain and trail difficulty and use appropriate safety gear. Carizma Motors presents this video tutorial to comprehend the 4×4 drivetrains and drive modes usage in the 2022 Ford F-150. Take a look! 

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A family going for a road trip in a car

How Can You Improve Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage of your Car?

Ways to Improve Fuel Efficiency and Gas Mileage

If you want to increase the fuel efficiency of your vehicle and get more miles per gallon, you are at the right place. With the rapidly growing gas prices everywhere, it would be wise to drive mindfully to improve fuel efficiency and gas mileage. By making small changes, you can save money on your fuel expenses without buying a new one. Keep reading this blog by the Carizma Motors dealership in Lubbock, TX, to learn more about improving fuel efficiency and gas mileage.

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rear view of a truck pulling two motorcycles

Find Pre-Owned Trucks for Sale Near Lubbock, TX

Where Can I Buy a Used Truck in Lubbock, TX? 

Over the past decade, trucks have gained so much popularity that they’ve become one of the mainstream vehicles owned by drivers. Not only can you use a truck for your work, but you can also use it for daily commuting. Nowadays, trucks are equally advanced and capable as any other automobile. If you’re searching for a rugged truck, you may be looking at all the new models.

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A 2021 Toyota Tundra

Where Can I Get Nearly New Vehicles in Lubbock, TX?

Nearly New Vehicles in Lubbock, TX 

Not all vehicle owners would want to sell their current car to get a new one. Does this sound rationally probable? Maybe not! However, some buyers prefer pre-owned vehicles over those that are freshly manufactured. Also, certain customers have a penchant for nearly new cars because the automakers install better technologies in the latest models, but when used, these come at a lower price. Ardent fans of automobiles can find the finances to gratify their desires. Those looking for an independent mode of transportation can always find better deals with used vehicle dealerships. Everyone interested in buying nearly new vehicles in Lubbock, TX, can get exciting offers and the hottest deals on a wide selection of used models at Carizma Motors. Let’s dive deeper into the reasons why people prefer nearly new cars to fresh-out-of-the-factory models. 

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