Not every automotive issue requires a trip to the shop

Can I take care of my car at home? 

A major part of owning a car is taking care of it and keeping up with necessary maintenance. If you’re in the Lubbock area and you are wondering, ‘Can I take care of my car at home,’ Carizma Motors is here to say, yes, there are some things that can pretty easily be done yourself. If you plan to do your own oil changes or other simple projects, you will want to make sure you have the proper tools. Oil changes are probably the most common at-home maintenance task people perform. Make sure you have a catch basin for the old motor oil and a larger container to store it. Under no circumstances should motor oil be dumped in the woods or poured down a storm drain. Our team of product experts found a couple of videos that could be very helpful in your new DIY automotive hobby.  Read the rest of this entry >>

fuel tank

Filling up with diesel by mistake could be a costly repair bill

What happens if I accidentally fill my car with diesel? 

When it comes to putting fuel in a car, truck or SUV, it really doesn’t seem like a lot could go wrong. Putting premium-grade gas in a vehicle that only requires regular isn’t really a problem beyond paying a little extra. Even the reverse situation isn’t a real big deal once the right type of gasoline is used. However, if you’re wondering, ‘What happens if I accidentally fill my car with diesel,’ the team at Carizma Motors has some bad, but not surprising news to share – you might be in for a hefty repair bill. Our team reached out to some automotive repair experts in the Lubbock area to get some answers. Let’s see what they found.  Read the rest of this entry >>

VW Atlas with dual sunshades

Keep the sunlight out of your car for a cooler and more comfortable summer

Are sunshades for cars worth buying? 

Summer in Texas means finding ways to stay cool. That goes for your vehicle as well. There likely isn’t a single person in the state who hasn’t gotten into a hot car on a hotter day that hasn’t also burned their hands on a steering wheel, seat belt buckle or door handle. There is a simple way for vehicle owners to keep the interior cool. So, are sunshades for cars worth buying? Yes, they are. These sun shades are very affordable solutions and come in a variety of styles. In addition, to keep the sun out of your vehicle, and keeping the interior cool, there are some other benefits as well. Let’s take a closer look at why you should be picking up a sunshade for your car today.  Read the rest of this entry >>

mini car on a note

Your car is going to lose some value, but you can also slow depreciation

What affects a vehicle’s depreciation? 

There are a lot of great things about owning a car, truck, SUV, or any vehicle. However, one thing that affects almost anything with an engine and wheels is depreciation and it’s almost completely unavoidable. So, what affects a vehicle’s depreciation? While all vehicles lose value over time, some makes and models will lose value faster than others. It may or may not surprise you that there is quite a bit of confusion and myths surrounding the depreciation of an automobile and the finance team at Carizma Motors thought it would be helpful to share a bit of their knowledge on the subject. Let’s see what they put together.  Read the rest of this entry >>