A stock photo of a vehicle using a sunshade.

Keep the sunlight out of your car for a cooler and more comfortable summer

Are sunshades for cars worth buying? 

Summer in Texas means finding ways to stay cool. That goes for your vehicle as well. There likely isn’t a single person in the state who hasn’t gotten into a hot car on a hotter day that hasn’t also burned their hands on a steering wheel, seat belt buckle or door handle. There is a simple way for vehicle owners to keep the interior cool. So, are sunshades for cars worth buying? Yes, they are. These sun shades are very affordable solutions and come in a variety of styles. In addition, to keep the sun out of your vehicle, and keeping the interior cool, there are some other benefits as well. Let’s take a closer look at why you should be picking up a sunshade for your car today. 

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How do sunshades work? 

There are two basic versions of sunshades for cars, trucks and SUVs. One type uses a reflective surface that would bounce the sun’s rays away from the vehicle and the other will block and absorb the sunlight. Both are effective and both are very affordable solutions. Independent tests have shown that the interior of a vehicle can be up to 30 degrees cooler versus a vehicle that doesn’t employ a sunshade.  

Manufacturers have found several materials to use when making sunshades, including foam, polyester, mesh and aluminum foil. Sunshades can be made of any of these materials or a combination of them. Obviously, to get the best results, be sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for how to install and store the sunshade. 

In addition to keeping the inside of a vehicle cool by blocking sunlight from entering the vehicle, using a sunshade will also protect the vehicle’s interior materials. There are very few upholstery fabrics or other interior materials that can stand up to constant bombardment by UV light. Using a sunshade will go a long way toward preventing the bleaching and cracking of fabric and plastic. 

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