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Car theft is a problem in the summer, but it can be easy to stop

How can I stop my car from being stolen? 

Summer in Texas can be among the best parts of the year. However, this is also the time of the year when the instances of car theft start to rise. Just about every study about vehicle theft concludes that it is a crime of opportunity. If you’re wondering, ‘How can I stop my car from being stolen,’ the steps you can take are simple and incredibly cost-effective. The number one thing you can do to keep your car, truck or SUV safe and out of the hands of thieves is to make stealing your vehicle as inconvenient as possible. Our team of product experts did a little homework and spoke to our local police department to put together this handy guide. Let’s take a look at what they found. 

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Take Valuables in the House 

A thief doesn’t really even need to take your whole vehicle to accomplish their goals. Items like small electronics, laptops, jewelry or visible cash are almost as good, or better, for a thief than taking a vehicle. These items are easier to convert into money, and they are easier to carry away. Take these things into your home when you leave the vehicle. If this is too inconvenient for one reason or another, at least get them out of sight by securing these items in the trunk.

Park in the Best Place Possibly 

Criminals operate in the shadows. You can take away their number one tool by parking in well-lighted areas. A parking lot with a lot of working lights is a great choice. Parking on the street with plenty of light is also ok if you can see the area around your vehicle. The best place to park your vehicle at night is in a secured building like a garage or monitored parking structure.  

Close the Windows/Lock the Doors 

We can’t overstate how many car thefts are the result of owners making it too easy for the thieves. Any time you leave your vehicle, even if it’s just to run inside a store quickly, lock your doors and close all windows. A staggering number of car thefts are the result of a criminal getting in an unlocked vehicle and gaining access to the keys. Most modern vehicles are resistant to old-school theft tactics and won’t move without the computer chip embedded in the key. 

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