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Let us help get started on buying a used car, truck or SUV

Tips for Buying a Used Car 

Buying a car isn’t something that should be an impulse purchase. The team at Carizma Motors is here to help people through the hardest parts of the process, including finding financing. Over the years we’ve found the best tips for buying a used car almost always center around education and solid financial planning. Carizma Motors is a buy here, pay here dealership, meaning we really focus on people with less-than-perfect credit situations. However, we still encourage people to get their credit situation as cleaned up as possible before buying a vehicle. If you’re completely lost about where to start your journey toward buying a pre-owned vehicle, give these videos a watch and make an appointment with one of our product experts today to have any additional questions answered.   Read the rest of this entry >>

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Automotive fluid leaks are a sign of bad things to come

What is leaking from my car? 

There are several different kinds of fluids necessary to run a vehicle. When one or more of those fluids start appearing outside of the vehicle, that is almost certainly a sign that something bad is happening. If you’re wondering, ‘What is leaking from my car,’ the automotive experts at Carizma Motors are here to help. For the most part, the three most common fluid leaks will be motor oil, engine coolant/antifreeze or transmission fluid. Knowing what you’re looking at can help you figure out the problem and how difficult or expensive it will be to repair. Let’s take a look at some information that you might be interested in knowing.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Buying snow tires might seem tempting right now, but read this first

Should I buy snow tires for my car in Texas? 

Texas is a wonderful state filled with great people. However, we are not set up for snow. If our northern friends want tips for beating hot, humid days, we can help. Drop a few inches of snow and ice on us and we are unprepared. After dealing with a week of these nearly unprecedented conditions, a lot of people have been asking us, ‘Should I buy snow tires for my car in Texas?’ This is an interesting question because snow tires are absolutely outstanding at doing what they are designed to do. However, given the general infrequency of meaningful snowfall in Texas, going this route might be overkill. Our team did a little homework to be able to give people the best possible information on this subject. Let’s take a look at what they found.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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A co-signer can be useful, but there are risks to be aware of

What does a co-signer do for a car loan? 

Very few people are going to be able to come up with several thousand dollars to buy a car, truck or SUV. Most Carizma Motors customers are not only coming to our dealership with the goal of buying a new (to them) vehicle but also looking for the most affordable financing options available to them. One of the ways someone with a low credit score can find a loan is to have another person with a higher credit profile act as a co-signer. So, what does a co-signer do for a car loan? A co-signer isn’t a character reference. Someone acting in this role is essentially promising to take over the payments if the primary borrower falls behind on the load. Let’s take a closer look at a few other helpful pieces of information.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Look, just keep your tank as full as possible, trust us

Why is it bad to drive on an empty gas tank? 

Hopefully, vehicle owners understand the importance of oil changes and regular maintenance in the 21st century, even if their cars might have been built in the last one. While cars, trucks and SUVs are more reliable than ever, there is still a hidden danger that lurks under the surface. So, why is it bad to drive on an empty gas tank? Well, the number one reason is that, eventually, you’ll get stranded somewhere inconvenient and possibly dangerous. A close second is that repeatedly running your gas tank to the bottom could cause major damage that will result in very expensive repair bills. Let’s take a closer look at some things you should know.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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You can avoid buying a lemon if you know what to look for

What should I look for when buying a used car? 

Carizma Motors is a pre-owned vehicle dealer. Each car, truck, van or SUV in our inventory is inspected to make sure it is as safe and reliable as possible. That sort of thing should be at the top of your list when deciding where to buy a vehicle. If you do decide to go out on your own and buy through a private sale, there are some things you should know. If you’re now wondering, ‘What should I look for when buying a used car,’ you’re in luck. Our most important tips include making sure you always look at a car during the daylight; examine all the sheet metal seems to make sure they are even and in line and finally sit in the car and use your nose to find troubling smells like mildew. These videos will help you come up with a checklist. Anyone with additional questions should contact a Carizma Motors product expert today.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Put yourself in a position to get the most for your trade-in

How do I boost the trade-in value for my car? 

Most people coming to Carizma Motors will be trading in their current vehicle to help them purchase their next one. We want to give you the best deal possible if you’ll be going this route and our team has come up with a few ways to answer the question, ‘How do I boost the trade-in value for my car?’ Depending on your current vehicle’s condition, you could have quite the hill to climb. However, the good news is that most of these things are pretty simple and may only require a little bit of money to be spent getting ready for the trade-in appraisal. Let’s take a look at a few things you might want to know.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Are you prepared to drive on a spare tire?

What is the farthest you should drive on a spare tire? 

The first time most people think about their tires is when they experience a flat one. While there are things vehicle owners can do to get the most mileage out of their tires as possible, but there is little defense against picking up a nail in the middle of the road. Once you’ve put the donut on your vehicle, you aren’t quite out of the woods yet. So, what is the farthest you should drive on a spare tire? For most popular passenger vehicles, the spare tire should be used for no more than 50 miles of driving at speeds of no more than 50 miles per hour. There are a few other things you should know, let’s take a look at them.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Your pre-owned vehicle can feature outstanding technology – if you know where to look

What can I do with a car’s infotainment system? 

The biggest addition to the automotive world in the last 10 years has been smartphone-compatible infotainment systems. There are few technologies that have progressed as quickly as what is found with mobile devices. Integrating that technology into a vehicle’s multimedia capability has been nothing short of a game-changer. Just about every automaker operating in the United States offers this capability in one form or another. Additionally, each automaker has different features and functions that can be available. However, our team of product experts working at Carizma Motors thought it would be helpful to explain some of the broadly available things access to Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ can do. Let’s take a closer look.  Read the rest of this entry >>

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Everyone needs a little help making a decision sometimes

How do I pick out an SUV? 

Crossover SUVs have become the dominant vehicle platform in the United States over the last 15 to 20 years. Just about every automaker offers a few models – and all of them are very evenly matched in terms of performance features. So, if you’re wondering, ‘How do I pick out an SUV,’ you may be in for quite a journey. For most people, the most important feature a crossover SUV can offer is passenger seating. Obviously, that makes the first decision a person needs to make is whether to choose a two- or a three-row model. Our team of Carizma Motors product experts help people through this process every day. If you’re looking to get a leg-up on your next purchase, take a look at these videos. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.  Read the rest of this entry >>