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Car insurance might be required but it doesn’t have to be expensive

How can I make car insurance less expensive? 

When someone is in the often arduous process of buying a vehicle, they must come to terms with their entire financial situation. Certainly, the price of the vehicle is important, but it isn’t the only number to consider. Buyers certainly need to understand annual maintenance costs, monthly fuel costs and, of course, insurance. Maintenance and fuel costs can be controlled a little bit by keeping up with oil changes and driving as efficiently as possible. The cost of insurance can also be mitigated if you know where to start. If you’re wondering, ‘How can I make car insurance less expensive,’ the financial wizards at Carizma Motors are here to help. Before we start, it is important to note: We are not licensed insurance agents. Your situation is unique to you. Consult a licensed agent for more specific information. 

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Top 3 Ways to Get Car Insurance Discounts 

Bundle Up — There is no business in the world that doesn’t want repeat customers. The insurance industry takes this idea to the logical extreme. Most companies may be able to make car insurance a little cheaper for people who also buy policies for things like boats, motorcycles or renter’s insurance. If you have a new driver on your policy, their good grades can lead to a discount on what would otherwise be a more expensive car insurance bill. 

Security Systems — Having to replace the cost of an entire vehicle is really a worst-case scenario for an insurance company. Some insurance providers may offer discounts if a vehicle is equipped with a car alarm or other anti-theft device. Items like this are probably a good idea to have anyway. Get a little extra credit by checking with your regular insurance agent. 

Too Much Coverage — It is hard to imagine there is a situation where a person could be over-insured. However, if you can meet state minimums for coverage and carry liability insurance, that will likely be a much cheaper route to go than having full, or comprehensive, coverage. People who have taken out a loan or are otherwise financing their vehicle may be required to have comprehensive insurance coverage. 

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