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Driving behavior, not vehicle color plays the biggest role in getting pulled over

Do red cars get pulled over more often? 

There are few harder decisions to make when buying a vehicle than picking out its exterior color. This is especially true when there is more than one buyer in the mix. During this occasionally laborious process, one of the questions that often gets asked is, ‘Do red cars get pulled over more often?’ We have to admit, this is one of those automotive things that a lot of us at Carizma Motors believed was true. However, we have recently learned this is actually not the case. A recent insurance industry study has quickly and clearly dispelled this as a myth and our team is very excited to share what they learned. Let’s take a closer look. 

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Does color play a factor in getting pulled over? 

The origin of the myth about red cars getting pulled over more often than other vehicle colors is unclear. It probably started because it’s a popular choice for sports cars – which is something we’ll get to in a minute. According to the study our team found, when the information about the most ticketed vehicles is filtered for color, white vehicles actually get the most tickets. However, white has also been the most popular vehicle color for a long time. This could be just a numbers game. 

Is make or model a factor? 

There is something that the most ticketed vehicles have in common, they are all high-performance platforms with high-performing engines. The temptation to press the gas pedal a little harder and really feel what several hundred-horsepower feels like on the road can be just too much for some drivers. This is exactly why sports cars aren’t recommended for young drivers.

On the other end of the spectrum, family-friendly vehicles are the least likely to be pulled over by the police. Three-row SUVs and sedans of various makes and models are often the least ticketed vehicles each year.  

How do I avoid being pulled over? 

Drivers can avoid being pulled over and getting expensive traffic tickets by following one simple trick: Don’t break the law. It doesn’t matter what kind, or color a vehicle, may be if the person behind the wheels follows the rules of the road and drives the speed limit, they won’t be getting undue attention from law enforcement. 

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