A stock photo of a turbocharger.

Turbocharging isn’t just for muscle cars anymore

How does turbocharging work? 

In the old days of automobile design, engineers had to choose between fuel economy and performance. In the 21st century, nobody needs to choose one at the expense of the other. The secret to this sorcery isn’t magic, it’s science – commonly referred to as turbocharging. So, how does turbocharging work? All internal combustion engines work the same way, air and fuel are combined before being ignited by a spark. This may seem like a lofty subject, but it’s actually quite simple. Carizma Motors has a vast and diverse inventory of vehicles, more and more will be equipped with turbocharged engines. Our team of product experts thought it would be helpful for people to understand how this technology works. 

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Does turbocharging affect fuel economy? 

As we alluded to earlier, all gasoline-powered engines use a combination of fuel and air to create power. In a non-turbocharged or naturally aspirated engine, air is pulled into the engine via the fan. A turbocharger is basically just another fan that pulls in even more pair. Instead of the fan being turned by a belt, it will trap otherwise escaping exhaust gas to turn an impeller in a tube. By pulling in more air, more fuel can be burned to make more power. 

You would be right in being confused about how burning more fuel can make an engine more efficient. The real secret to employing a turbocharged engine on a platform that is designed to sip gas is displacement. If a given 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine can theoretically make 200 horsepower, it is possible to use a smaller engine to make the same output figures when a turbocharger is in place. It’s all a matter of scale. 

What is turbo lag? 

While turbocharging is a great way to give drivers a boost in performance without sacrificing fuel economy, there is a small drawback – turbo lag. Since the turbocharger uses engine exhaust gas to turn the impeller, it will take a second or two for the pressure to build up to spin the fan. That process takes a second to complete. 

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