A vehicle driving off into the sunset

What was that strange noise you just heard from the back end of that vehicle?

Why do vehicles backfire?

We have all heard the startling noise. It almost sounds like the sky is falling when in all reality, it is just a noisy car that backfired. But why do vehicles backfire in the first place? The most common reason a vehicle backfires is that too much fuel gets into the cylinders. We will explore more reasons below.

Common reasons why a vehicle backfires

Person fueling up a vehicle

The first reason that a vehicle can backfire is because of the timing being off with the engine’s cylinders. Inside of each cylinder, fuel and air are mixed in a perfect ratio at an exact moment. Then there is a spark that ignites and creates an explosion, and this is what powers the vehicle. If the spark comes even slightly too late, fuel and air that was not burnt could go through the exhaust and combust there instead of in the cylinder. This creates a loud bang.

A second reason that a vehicle could backfire in due to the age of the vehicle. Many older vehicles have spark plugs instead of the coil-on-plug that many newer vehicles have. In older vehicles with spark plugs, they could easily get crossed or put in incorrectly and cause a spark in a cylinder that was not supposed to happen.

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Where can I learn more about vehicles backfiring or find a used vehicle?

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