Do I have to wear a face mask when I leave my house in Lubbock Texas with germs in the background

Stay safe while out and about!

Do I have to wear a face mask when I leave my house in Lubbock, Texas?

Earlier this year, life as we knew changed. The coronavirus spread quite quickly across the country, and we are all still adjusting to a new normal way of life. Many precautions have been put into place by various governments and the CDC has a list of recommendations. One question that has been popular these days is, “Do I have to wear a face mask when I leave my house in Lubbock, Texas?” The short answer is yes. Learn more below!

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Cover your nose and mouth in public places

There is so much information going around about the coronavirus, it can be overwhelming. Some of the latest things that we have been learning show that individuals should be wearing a mask to help stop the spread of this disease. In addition, back on July 3, the governor required all Texans to wear masks when in public places. It is important to note that N-95 respirators and medical masks should be saved for those who work in the healthcare industry. A cloth face covering is what is currently being recommended for those who are not in the healthcare industry.

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Where can I find more resources about COVID-19 in Lubbock?

On the city’s website, there are a lot of resources for the public to take advantage of. Some of these include testing locations, ways to cope with everything that is happening, mental health resources, doctor information, recovery guidelines, and many other frequently asked questions.

We understand that these are all difficult and weird times. Please remember to be kind to one another during these hard days. No one has the answers, and we all need each other to get through this. If you see someone without a mask on, remember that the person could have a legitimate reason for not wearing one. As we continue through these days together, we also look forward to being able to still serve the Lubbock area.