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What are my payment options for a used vehicle at Carizma Motors?

Is it a bad idea to finance a car through a dealership?

When it is time to purchase a new or used vehicle you have many options when it comes to payment. You can pay cash if you have enough, or you can get a loan. The loan option is available through the bank or through the dealership. Is it a bad idea to finance a car through a dealership? There are actually quite a few benefits of financing a vehicle through a dealership. We will explore some of them below.

Why should I consider financing a vehicle through a dealership?

The process of financing a vehicle through a dealership is quite simple. You will fill out a credit application, and then someone from the dealership will submit this application to different lenders. This way, you will be able to compare and choose an option that fits well into your life. Essentially, the dealership will do all of the work for you, and then present loan options to you.

Sometimes, when you decide to finance a vehicle through a dealership, other incentives will be added. There might be a 0% interest rate for a short period of time or discounts on additional features.

Finally, buy here pay here dealerships are an option for individuals who have bad credit or no credit. Carizma Motors is a buy here pay here dealership, and we think that it is important for everyone to have a vehicle that they are proud of. We will become your lender, and you will make your payments right to us!

Myths about buy here pay here car dealerships that are not true

Where can I learn more about financing a vehicle at Carizma Motors?

We have a great finance team at Carizma Motors. Do you have questions about our process? Please contact us today! We have seen it all when it comes to credit situations, so we are sure that we will be able to assist!