Huge spread of Thanksgiving food

The 2020 holidays will look a little different!

Tips for staying safe during the holiday season

For many of us, the year 2020 did not play out as we had planned. Who knew that a pandemic would pretty much take over the year? As the holidays approach, we have some tips for staying safe during the holiday season! Please note that these are not tips that we came up with, but they are from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Keep gathering to those who are in your household

The CDC has three tiers of activities from those that are low risk to those that are high risk. Here are some of their recommendations.

Low Risk

  • Dinner with only those in your household
  • Preparing traditional meals and sharing them in a contactless way
  • Virtual dinner
  • Shopping online
  • Watching sporting events, movies, and parades at home

Moderate Risk

  • Small outdoor gathering with family and friends on your community
  • Visiting pumpkin patches and orchards with hand sanitizer and masks
  • Attending a small outdoor sporting event where safety measures are in place

High Risk

  • Shopping in a crowded store
  • Being in or watching a crowded race
  • Attending a crowded parade
  • Going to a large indoor gathering with people who are outside of your household

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