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Take Your Family Out on a Quality Weekend to the Best Parks in Lubbock, TX

Best Parks near Lubbock TX

With the climate in West Texas, finding the most incredible fun activities to do in Lubbock is simple. Sunshine prevails for the majority of the year, and there’s nothing like gathering the family, packing a picnic, and traveling to a park or recreation area to enjoy it. The Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX, is bringing the list of best parks near Lubbock for you.

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Mackenzie Park

Mackenzie Park in Lubbock is a fantastic public park. There are roughly 248 acres of land on the property. On the Park’s equestrian pathways, horses can ride amid breathtaking scenery. A sculpture garden, prairie dog ecosystem, amusement park, and golf course are all part of the parkland. Meadowbrook golf boasts two 18-hole championship courses at Mackenzie Park, or you can enjoy the scenery by throwing frisbees along the Brazos River.

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Maxey Park

Maxey Park is a large public park in Lubbock, Texas. It contains two playgrounds with a variety of equipment to encourage imaginative play. Also, outdoor workout stations, badminton gear, horseshoes, and cornhole panels are all available at the park. A large playground with soft surfaces and covered places may be found in the park. Along the route at Maxey Park, there are also seating options. Parking is plentiful in Maxey Park.

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Leroy Elmore Park

Leroy Elmore Park is a public recreational area in Lubbock that is a popular tourist attraction. The Park offers a tremendous place to play and a spacious picnic area that is ideal for family functions and birthday celebrations. Leroy Elmore Park has large green lawns for recreational activities as well as playground equipment for children. Moreover, the Park has a more open field where everyone can enjoy it. Parking space is plentiful at Leroy Elmore Park.