Woman's hand picking up windshield wiper

Remove Dirt from Your Windshield With These Basic Tools

How to Clean the Windshield of Your Car

Having a clean windshield is essential to ensure proper road visibility. The dirt and dust from the road that gets accumulated in the vehicle’s windshield not only obstructs your view, but it can also potentially create scratches when wipers are switched on. That’s why it’s so important to keep the exterior glass of your car as clean as possible. This tutorial video from Autoblog will show you how to clean the windshield of your car properly using simple tools.

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DIY Windshield Cleaning

With just a few basic and inexpensive tools you can clean more efficiently your windshield than with traditional rags. Follow these easy steps to remove sticky road contaminants from your vehicle’s exterior glass.

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The windshield is one of the biggest safety components of your vehicle, so it’s important to keep it as clean as possible. If you live around Lubbock, TX and are experiencing any mechanical issue with your vehicle that can also compromise its safety, schedule a service today at Carizma Motors and our qualified team will be happy to help. We offer zero-percent financing on mechanical repairs so you can comfortably pay in interest-free installments.