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Is it illegal to text and drive in the state of Texas?

Driving is a big responsibility. Even though the concept is relatively simple, the person behind the wheel must remain alert and focused at all times. One of the many ways that drivers can become distracted is with cellphones. While meant to help keep individuals in touch, cellphones also become a burden because we feel as though we have to answer a text message or an email the moment it is received. If you do receive a text while driving and wish to answer it, is it illegal to text and drive in the state of Texas? The short answer is yes, it is illegal. Keep reading as we learn more about the no texting and driving law in Texas.

using phone while drivingPut the phone down and focus on the road

In 2017, Texas passed a state law that banned the use of cell phones while operating a vehicle. In addition, individuals may not read or write an email either.

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Not only is it a law that individuals may not text and drive, but some cities have also even established stricter rules. It is the driver’s responsibility to know these additional laws. The local municipality can be contacted if interested in learning more.

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Where can I learn more about the laws around texting and driving?

The best place to begin your research would be the Texas Department of Transportation’s Website. You can also speak with your local government and learn more about what laws have been passed in your community.

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