Two vehicles with large campers behind them

Successfully tow your trailer to your destination!

Five towing tips for summer 2020

Can you believe that it is already the middle of July? It feels like the year 2020 has blinked and gone by yet dragged on at the same time. Even though it is the middle of the summer, it is never too late to start thinking about purchasing a new toy to use the second half of the summer. If you decide to purchase a new toy, we have five towing tips for summer 2020 for you! Check them out below.

Successfully tow your new boat or camper this summer

While we found a few tips and tricks, this is not a comprehensive list of things to know about towing. Are there other items you would add to this list?

Close up of a flat tire

Tip 1: Check the pressure in the tires

Having the correct tire pressure is one of the most important steps for successfully towing a boat or a camper. Make sure that both the vehicle’s tires and the trailer’s tires are at the correct pressure.

Tip 2: Take wide turns

When you are towing something behind your vehicle, you have to remember that you are much longer than usual. As a result, you have to take corners much wider so that your boat or camper does not hit a curb and potentially cause damage.

Tip 3: Look at your vehicle’s towing capacity

When you are considering purchasing a new boat or camper, it is important that you look at your vehicle’s towing capacity. It is important that you do not exceed this number because if you did, you could damage your vehicle. If your vehicle is not rated to tow enough, then you will need a lighter item to tow, or a different vehicle that can tow the item you have your eye on.

Tip 4: Practice makes perfect

Before hitting the open road, try hooking up your trailer and going around your neighborhood. This way, you will be able to practice taking wide corners, speeding up and slowing down.

Tip 5: Have a second set of eyes

Our last tip is that you should have someone with you to help you back up your boat or camper. This person can get out of the vehicle and help guide you to where you would like to be parked.