Someone filling up their gas tank

Save On Gas With These Tips and Tricks

As the holidays approach, most of us have at least some plans to travel by car. For some, it is a short trip across town and for others the trip may be longer. However, we can all agree that saving on gas can help to offset some of the other spending that’s to come. While your vehicle will play the largest factor in how much fuel you will need, there are a few other tips and tricks that can help you use less fuel and save on gas costs. Learn more about how to improve your fuel economy below. 

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How can I improve my fuel economy?

driver checking their tire pressure

Track Your Tire Pressure

One of the easiest ways to improve your fuel economy is by keeping an eye on your tire pressure. Not only are underinflated tires a hazard, but they also cause excess fuel usage. Some modern vehicles have tire pressure monitoring systems that will tell you when things get low. If you don’t have one, we suggest getting in the habit of checking your tire pressure when you fill up for gas. 

Keep Your Speed Down

Quick accelerations, sharp braking, and going over the speed limit are all associated with lower fuel economy. If lowering your gas consumption is one of your goals, take it easy in the driver’s seat. Try to anticipate what is to come so you can slow down and speed up gradually and keep your speed in check. Not only will you save on gas but you’ll increase the life of your tires saving even more over time. 

View out of a car windshield while driving on a busy city street

Driver filling up their gas tank

Buy With Fuel In Mind

Like we mentioned earlier, the largest factor in your fuel use is your vehicle, so getting the best fuel economy starts at the dealership with your purchase. Thanks to a rising demand for fuel efficient models, drivers can find really great options in all vehicle segments – even SUVs and trucks. We recommend starting your search looking for a hybrid for serious fuel savings. 

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At Carizma Motors, we offer a wide selection of gently-used models with excellent fuel economy specs. Stop by the dealership today and let our team know exactly what you are looking for!