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What To Look For When Buying A Used Vehicle in 2019

Some shoppers confuse a used car purchase with a bare-bones model that just takes you from point A to point B. Sure, some used vehicles will fit that description, but many others are gently-used models with some pretty cool features that may be a little out of budget on a new vehicle. Today, we are breaking down some of the must-have features car shoppers should be looking for in their used car purchase if they want to upgrade their everyday on-road experience. 

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4 Must-Have Features To Look For In A Used Car Purchase

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Driver-Assist Active Safety

In the last few years, driver-assist active safety features have become commonplace on many new models. This means that drivers looking for a gently-used model should be able to easily find a variety of options with active safety like automatic braking, forward collision warning, automatic cruise control, and more. This second pair of eyes on the road ahead can help prevent any on-road mishaps and can bring priceless peace of mind.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

In comparison to the music and audio streaming services available on smartphones, the audio systems in many cars started to feel clunky and hard to use. Now, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make it easy to seamlessly connect your smartphone to your vehicle’s infotainment system, so you don’t miss a beat when you hit the road. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now come standard on most models and are a valuable addition to your wish list.

Keyless Entry and Ignition

In our opinion, some of the best vehicle upgrades are the ones that make your daily driving experience just a little easier. Keyless entry and ignition, also called push button start, are two of the most convenient features available. No more digging around to find your keys while standing in the rain or trying to balance grocery bags in your hands. With the push of a few buttons, your doors will open and your engine will spring to life.

USB Ports

Whether your goal is to connect your smartphone to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, charge a favorite device, or plug in your GPS system, having one or more USB ports built into your dashboard or into your center console can make sure you don’t miss out. While this feature is vital for many drivers who like to stay connected and spend a lot of time on the road, it can be easy to forget to include it on your wish list or to look for it during a test drive.

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At Carizma Motors, we strive to offer a large selection of used models including gently used options with some of the latest features. Connect with our team and share your wish list items and we can help pair you with the best used car for your lifestyle and budget.