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Five tips for extending the life of your vehicle

How to make your car last longer

You recently purchased a vehicle, and you need to make this vehicle last for quite a while. You are wondering how to make your car last longer. We have put together a few tips and tricks that will help you extend the life of your vehicle. Keep reading to learn more!

Speedometer with 200,000 MilesMaking your car last longer

It used to be unusual to be able to drive a vehicle past 100,000 miles, much less make it to 200,000 miles! Implementing these tips will not guarantee that your vehicle will make it to 200,000 miles, but it will have a better chance of doing so!

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Tip 1: Keep your vehicle serviced

When was the last time you changed the oil, tires, filters, etc? By keeping up with a regular service schedule, your vehicle will be well kept and therefore will last longer.

Brake DisksTip 2: Do not get cheap parts

This tip goes with the one above. It is important that when you have your vehicle serviced to not just get the cheap parts. Getting the parts that are cheap and not right for your vehicle might cost you some extra money in the long run.

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Tip 3: Do not ignore weird noises

Has there been a clunk coming from your dashboard or a knocking noise from somewhere? Do not ignore these issues. They will only get worse and cost you more money if not addressed right away.

Tip 4: Keep your vehicle clean

When was the last time you ran your vehicle through the car wash? The more you wash your vehicle, the less likely you will have rust. If you decide to try and resell your vehicle and you have kept it clean, this might add a few dollars onto its resale value.

Tip 5: Do not take as much stuff with you

Do you have to cart the kids around from practice to practice? There will be times when your car is stuffed to the brim, but when you can lighten up your vehicle, take just the necessities, and take some pressure off of the transmission, brakes, and other parts of your vehicle.

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