man cleaning a cloudy headlight

How to Clean Your Hazy Headlights?

Headlights are an integral part of any automobile. They are essential even during the daytime to use as alert symbols for the other drivers. A cloudy headlight means less and blurry vision that can lead to many accidents. The cloudy headlight will bring down the appeal of your favorite car. The headlights can be hampered by extensive fogs, smoke, and other pollutants. There should be a regular check-up every now and then for your headlights. Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX, got a set of experienced service professionals who are always ready to help you.

Cleaning Hazy Headlights Is Not That Hard

If you find that the light coming from your headlights is less clear than it used to be, your vehicle most likely has hazy headlights. The first procedure will be to thoroughly clean the outside to remove all stains. Effectively remove all the debris from the plastic using a mild exfoliant. This will aid in the removal of dead flies and dirt that will undoubtedly develop on the exterior. Once you’ve completed this procedure and have a smooth finish, you can dry it with a clean cloth or sponge. As a result, the plastic is free of dampness.

Remove Dirt from Your Windshield With These Basic Tools

Apply a heavy layer of headlight cleaner/toothpaste/baking soda on the headlights. If you’re using baking soda, combine it with water to form a toothpaste-like substance. Do not wipe a product immediately. Allow for a few minutes of drying time. Now use a soft brush because you don’t want to create scratches on your headlight. At this point, you can see the yellowish tint fading off slowly. Now rinse this with clean water and wipe it well. A dry microfiber towel will be the best to dry out the surface.

Always keep in mind that these are homemade techniques, and you take extreme care while doing this. If you are unsure feel free to rush to the Carizma Motors dealership located at Lubbock, TX for amazing servicing offers.

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