car filter in the hand of a mechanic

How to Keep your car’s Air filter Healthy?

Every car will have four basic filters, the cabin filter, oil filter, fuel filter, and air filter. As the name suggests they all function to filter out the impurities that can cause issues for your vehicle. If your air filter gets clogged it directly affects the vehicle and its performance. The car essentially needs oxygen for combustion and it’s the task of an air filter to make sure the air that goes in is pure without any impurities. Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX, has got amazing technicians who will give you more insights and service your vehicles on time with utmost credibility.

Maintenance of your car’s Air filter 

We usually say that the air filters should be changed every 3,000 miles but then as technology advanced, the modern filters can last for even a couple of years provided you take good care of them. Checking the air filter is one of the simplest preventive maintenance steps that helps you on a large scale when it comes to vehicles performance and life. The air filters come in different shapes, and they are this pleated equipment that’s mostly made of cotton, synthetic paper, or foam.

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Moreover, if your air filter is dirty, it makes your engine take an extra load. This in turn reduces your performance and fuel economy. And if you keep up with the service team and change the filters periodically it will enhance the life of your beloved vehicle. However, you can clean it or replace it depending on how bad it looks and most importantly your budget. Slow response to acceleration is one sign for you to check your air filter. Rough idling and black smoke from your exhausts are other common signs that indicate the need for a new air filter.

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