Man in uniform and yellow gloves cleaning front seat of vehicle

What Products Should I Use to Disinfect My Car’s Cabin?

How to Properly Clean and Disinfect your Vehicle

During the unprecedented pandemic we found ourselves in, keeping our car’s cabin clean and germ-free is more important than ever. While disinfecting your vehicle might not be the first measure that comes to mind to avoid the spread of COVID-19, it’s one you shouldn’t forget. Just by going to the grocery store or stopping at the gas station, we come in contact with tons of germs that will stay in our car. But how can you properly clean and disinfect your vehicle? What products should you use? The following video by Roadshow will answer these questions and more.

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Tips to Clean the Cabin of Your Car

This video includes relevant information on how to disinfect your vehicle:

  • Products you should and shouldn’t use
  • How to replace the air filter
  • Important areas to clean

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