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What Are the Benefits of Tire Rotation?

Why Should You Rotate Your Tires? 

Tire rotation refers to the process of routinely changing the position of the tires. This is a must if you want to maintain the health of your car’s tires. Ideally, you should rotate your tires every 5,000 miles. You can even go through your car’s manual to know your vehicle’s recommended tire rotation interval. Here, in this blog by the Carizma Motors dealership in Lubbock, TX, we learn more about the critical benefits of tire rotation. 

Explore the Main Benefits of Tire Rotation 

  • Front and rear tires wear differently. The front tires carry the majority of your car’s weight. So, they wear down faster. This results in uneven tire wear. This may lead to tire spin and loss of power. Periodic tire rotation ensures that the wear is distributed evenly amongst all four tires. It is also responsible for better fuel efficiency. 
  • Tire rotation also helps maximize the lifespan of the tires. It will help you save some money by delaying the need to purchase new tires. Tires can be expensive. 
  • Uneven tire wear negatively impacts the water-expelling capacity, which results in poor handling. Regular tire rotation gives you a better grip on the road and better handling. 
  • It will also help you save money by maintaining the overall well-being of your car tires for a long time. It negates the chances of breakdowns or road mishaps caused by tire wear. 
  • Even tire wear offers a smoother and more comfortable ride. Rotating tires will transfer the points of wear to even out tread wear equally amongst all four tires, thereby reducing vibration. 

As a proud car owner, you should pay attention to periodic tire rotation. 

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