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What are the best ways to improve the gas mileage of my car?

You can obtain higher fuel efficiency than you are currently getting, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. Seems interesting? We here at Carizma Motors in Lubbock,TX will provide you with some tips and tricks. Some charges, such as a car payment or insurance, are relatively constant. The fuel expense is one of the most operating expenses that a driver can manage. Some of these ways require commitment, and some of them are effortless.

Some tips to improve the Fuel efficiency

  • Engine Maintenance
    Keep note of your air filters and engine oil. When the air filter gets clogged with dirt, it restricts the engine’s performance of proper airflow. The same goes with oil, as it’s not just for the sake of lubrication for various parts but also for cleaning them. Clean engine oil provides better efficiency for the car resulting in better mileage.
  • Right Tires and Tire Pressure
    It is advisable to use the Tires provided by the OEM for the best results. The higher the resistance or the friction of the tire lower the mileage you get. The properly inflated tire gives an optimum surface area to the ground compared to the low air pressure, as it causes the tires to wear off quickly. Extra power input is needed for tires with low air pressure, thus bringing down your gas mileage.
A Person looking at charts and using a calculator
A person looking at charts and using a calculator
  • Driving Habits
    Avoid accelerating rapidly and unnecessarily as it can lead to the burning of more fuel. If you have a car that supports cruise control, use it to avoid this unwanted acceleration, thus saving on gas. If you are more into highway driving, keep your speed under the limits and economy mode to save a lot of money.

Filling up with diesel by mistake could be a costly repair bill

  • Gas Cap Seal
    When you do not have a strong seal, air can get into your tank and then into your engine, causing you to consume more fuel. A gas cap can deteriorate over time due to being dropped, thermal gradients, or being twisted in and out. Your gas mileage will be reduced if this seal develops, splits, or becomes curved and no longer forms a good seal.
  • Idling in traffic
    Idling eats up your gas. Idling is considered one of the top ways in which gas will be wasted. The best way is to attain constant speed as it provides optimum burning of the fuel. It’s best to understand the traffic you must face regularly and prepare a game plan to get the best route. Make use of the apps that are available to comprehend location-based traffic.

These are many of the few ways to increase your car’s gas mileage. Read more about the essential information on your vehicle on Carizma Motors blogs.