Special alignment machine fixed to the tires

Which one do you need, Tire balancing or Alignment?

Are you confused with the whole concept of tire balance and alignment? Want to know more about this to keep your ride intact from wear and tear? We have the best set of mechanics here in Carizma Motors Lubbock, TX that will guide and help with all that you need to know about the tires. What do balance and Alignment mean? Both are essential for a smooth ride and the wellbeing of your machine but are very different service procedures.

When should you worry about your tires?

A tire alignment makes the angles of tires correct, so they meet the surface in the right and expected way. Meanwhile, tire balancing corrects the weight imbalance on your tire and wheel assemblies. You should pay close attention to your machine; the vibration in the steering wheel, seat, and so on can be seen as an omen for checking your tire. You might want to have your tires balanced as part of a tire rotation, following a flat tire repair, or as part of routine maintenance. If you look for the vibration in a particular area, you will find which tire needs to be checked.

A Man correcting the tires using a machine
A Man correcting the tires using a machine

Potholes and maintenance holes without covers can cause substantial damage to your car’s suspension, wheel bearings, and balancing, which will result in a reduction in gas mileage and, most importantly, safety. The driver tends to ignore the minor damage, which might start taking your wheel off its proper Alignment. Reducing loads and tensions on vehicle suspension components and improving vehicle handling is one of the main reasons why wheel alignment is crucial for safe driving.

Do you understand what you need to know about tires?

Some of the common signs of alignment issues are as follows,
• Squealing or jamming of tires.
• Car deviating to just one side.
• The uneven tilts of the steering wheel
• The vibration of the steering wheel and floor bed.

Experienced technicians emphasize the need for checking tire balance at least every 5000 miles as it can help extend the tire’s life span and performance. On the other hand, Tire alignment is expected to be checked every 6000 miles as it improves handling, fuel efficiency, and life. You can always rush into our Carizma Motors in Lubbock, TX for any of your dealership and service needs.