Make sure you know what you're looking for when buying tires.

Do you understand what you need to know about tires?

What do I need to know about new tires? 

It’s never a good idea to ignore any automotive component. Tires, unfortunately, often get overlooked until it’s too late and someone is stuck on the side of the road with a flat. In the rain. Or in the blazing Texas heat. The tires on a car, truck or SUV are the first lines of defense when it comes to handling and stopping. Making a bad decision when picking out a new set of tires can have lasting and potentially dangerous consequences. Our team wants to make sure the vehicle you’re driving is as safe and reliable as possible. They thought it would be helpful to share these two videos to help get people thinking about this important decision. If you ever need any help making a decision about your vehicle, please make an appointment to speak with a Carizma Motors product expert today. 

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