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How Often Do I Need to Drive My Car During COVID-19 Quarantine?

How to Maintain Your Car During COVID-19 Lockdown

Since the state of Texas issued the stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, many residents are driving less. Although car maintenance might not be top of mind these days, paying attention to your vehicle if you aren’t using it as much as usual is important. Letting a car sit for prolonged periods of time can cause permanent damage and lead to expensive repair bills. Fortunately, by following a few simple steps you can keep your car in a good condition. Keep reading to learn how to maintain your car during COVID-19 lockdown.

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Tips for Car Maintenance During Coronavirus Quarantine

As odd as it may sound, a car that stays stationed for long periods of time requires the same or more attention than a car being used on a regular basis. Furthermore, because most people will still need to rely on their vehicle to run errands and get the groceries during this quarantine, it’s more crucial than ever to keep your car in good shape. Here are a few tips you can follow:

1. Drive your car at least once every two weeks. Driving your car regularly is the easiest way to prevent a dead battery. Letting it idle for some minutes will warm up the engine, but it will not help accomplish much more. Taking your car for a ride also ensures all moving parts like the brakes, transmission and suspension stay well lubricated.

2. Make sure the tires have proper air pressure. Tires lose pressure over time, and if a vehicle sits for too long, its weight can cause flat spots to develop. Luckily, a regular driving routine can also help avoid underinflated tires. Still, it’s important to check each tire’s pressure frequently to avoid a potential loss of control and ensure proper fuel economy.

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3. Fill the gas tank all the way up. Topping off your tank before parking for long periods of time has more than one benefit. It prevents condensation from accumulating in your fuel system, which could lead to the creation of rust in the tank and affect the car’s drivability. It also prevents gasoline fumes from building up to detrimental levels.

4. Avoid using the parking brake. While engaging the parking brake is usually a good habit, especially if you are parking on a steep hill, leaving it on for more than 30 days can cause the brake pads to stick into the rotor, leading into expensive repair bills.  

5. Clean your car and use a cover to store it. If you are planning to leave your car parked in the garage or the driveway for an extended period of time, it’s important to keep it as clean as possible to prevent dirt from damaging the clear coat. Once the vehicle is clean, you can also consider using a car cover to protect the paint from external elements.

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These five easy steps will help keep your car in a good condition while the current lockdown continues. Keeping up with regular car maintenance is also a good measure to avoid future problems. Although now it’s time to stay home and practice social distancing, if you are experiencing any mechanical issue with your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us. The Service Department at Carizma Motors has been deemed an essential business and remains open.