2017 Nissan Versa parked on a trail

What Safety Features & Driver Aids Are Available in Pre-Owned Models?

Driver Assistance Features to Look for When Buying a Used Vehicle

Cautious drivers should know that there are many advanced safety features available in modern vehicles. Driver aids are some of the most-requested features drivers look for in a pre-owned vehicle, and for good reason. We’ve compiled a list of driver assistance features to look for when buying a used vehicle.

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A 2018 Ford F-150 parked under a bridge

Blind-Spot Monitoring

Failing to properly check blind spots is a common cause for vehicle collisions. Blind-spot monitoring systems notify drivers of any objects in their blind spot areas when the turn signal is activated. A variety of blind-spot monitoring systems are available. Some use cameras to detect objects, while others use sonar. Some blind-spot monitoring systems even come with self-corrective steering feature that will activate if the driver starts to merge into an occupied lane.

Other Driver Aids Common in Used Vehicles

Lane Keeping Assistance

Lane keeping assistance features have become much more popular in recent model years. The most traditional type of lane keeping assistance feature is an alert system, which notifies drivers when they start to drift into another lane without signaling. It should be noted that some lane keeping assistance systems come with a self-correcting automatic steering feature.

2018 Ford F-150 parked on a trail

2017 Nissan Versa driving down a rural road

Adaptive Cruise Control

Another popular driver assistance feature found in many modern vehicles is adaptive cruise control, also known as autonomous cruise control. Adaptive cruise control will automatically cause your vehicle to slow down or speed up in order to maintain a safe distance between itself and the vehicle ahead of you, making it a much safer alternative to traditional cruise control.

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