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Make sure you follow all of the driving laws in Texas!

Strange driving laws in Texas that you did not know about

The old adage is true, everything is bigger in Texas. Including the strange driving laws in Texas that you did not know about. Buckle up and enjoy the ride as some of these laws not only had us laughing but scratching our heads as well!

Six driving laws in Texas that you did not know about

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1. It is illegal to drive without windshield wipers, but you do not need to have a windshield.

We are not sure how this is supposed to work. Will the windshield wipers help keep the bugs out of the driver’s face while enjoying the wind in his or her face?

2. There cannot be anything protruding from your bumper unless it is attached with a chain.

Again, this one had us scratching our heads. Usually, if something is protruding from the bumper of your vehicle, isn’t it time to have your vehicle serviced?

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3. It is illegal to drive within an arm’s reach of alcohol in Lubbock. Even it is in someone else’s bloodstream.

Make sure that if you are the designated driver that you have a large enough vehicle for everyone to sit in the way back!

4. You may not ride your horse at night without lights in Texarkana

We are not sure about your horses, but the horses we know about are powered by water, hay, and oats, not electricity and batteries.

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5. In Richardson, it is illegal to do a U-turn

If you missed your turn, just keep on keeping on!

6. On Sundays, you cannot drive down Broadway in Galveston before noon

This has us wondering what kind of sights can be seen before noon on a Sunday in Galveston!

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